Not in vain, he also went into the water to catch a few water snakes. Now if Gong Yilin is simply for his recovery as soon as possible, he will not believe what he said Qinghe. What’s the intention? Gong Yilin was stunned. He didn’t understand very well and said, “I don’t have any intention. I just want to borrow you and Qinglian for the time being to give me the feeling of immortal wind and bone.” Feeling the warm eyes of countless admirers on the side of the lake case, he sighed with emotion: “I have to say, let the beauty still need props, how can I not come up with such a good way before!” Let the beauty take the bait? Props! Okay, great! “He used two pieces of good money in succession. The Qinghe laughed back angrily. He remembered this account.” Wang Ye, Wang Ye is coming! Have a person low drink, in a flash, originally around the shore of the people all perform their duties, bow no longer talk, walk, scattered, Gong Yilin sighed with regret, this limelight today estimated that this can only come out here. Bai Mo saw many people whispering to each other far away, and some of them had a deep feeling of love in their eyes. They looked at the lake, and when they saw eight water snakes pulling the boat forward, they could not help shaking slightly. The master who followed Bai Mo and was responsible for personal protection also shrank his pupils when he saw it. Those who had been trained by the dead like them would not frown at the critical moment of life and death, but he was really surprised to see Gong Yilin. In this world.. Unexpectedly, there is such a person who pretends to be a force, but he still pretends to be just right. Seeing that the man standing at the head of the boat was far away from the lake, he said in a sour way,plastic packaging tube, “It’s really my luck to see Wang Ye again.” As soon as the voice fell, the boat stopped directly in front of them from dozens of feet away. Of course, eight of the water snakes took the credit. Gong Yilin went ashore slowly, smiling and elegant. The close-fitting master who saw this scene pulled the corners of his mouth mercilessly, but he still couldn’t break out. Chapter 33 the Holy Land of the Undead. Step on the Moon Pavilion Gong Yilin and Bai Mo sat opposite each other. The atmosphere in the pavilion was a little strange. The reason was not people, but Gong Yilin. Leaving Qinglian, he looked funny holding a baby carefully in the arms of a big man, especially the image of an outsider who had just come out of the mud and was not stained. The child has a good face. It was the white ink that first opened his mouth. Thank you for your praise. Gong Yilin said with a smile,eye cream packaging tube, but he didn’t say anything wrong. Even he had to admit that just looking at his appearance, he was really Zhong Ling Yuk Sau, especially his eyes, which contained Aura, and he knew it at a glance. I wonder what relationship this child has with Mr. Gongyi? With this sentence alone, Gong Yilin had to take a look at Bai Mo Gao. He did not directly ask about the origin of the child, but the relationship. Obviously, he was worried about his strength. If he came up and asked about the origin, it would make people feel questioned. But if he asked about the relationship, it would be more interesting. It was more like a chat between two ordinary friends. Gong Yilin is arrogant, but not big, Wang Fu hidden dragons and crouching tigers, his strength has not yet recovered, unless absolutely necessary is absolutely do not want to fight these people to the death, there is no need and no value. This is the son of a dog. Gong Yipeng. “It was your son.” Gong Yilin said a few perfunctory words with a smile on his face, but the sweat on his back had already soaked through his clothes. When he said the word’son of a dog ‘just now, pump tube ,custom cosmetic packing, he clearly felt a terrible line of sight. The source did not have to come from his bosom. It was clear in my heart that the origin was definitely not as simple as Gong Yilin said, but Bai Mo’s patience was excellent. He did not ask, but said, “Children at this time are the most difficult to take care of.” Between the words, his eyes were a little soft, showing that he remembered something. Gong Yilin nodded, a look of deep understanding, “more than not easy to take.” The terrible sight just now had a murderous look. Gong Yilin swallowed the saliva and changed his position to embrace the baby in his arms. “My little ancestor, don’t make trouble at this time.” It seems that the complaint is a pun, which is to warn Kunpeng not to act rashly. Now one of them is only 10%, and the other can’t use True Qi for the time being. If you really want Bai Mo to see that they are paper tigers, you will be miserable.
Qinghe is to calm down, and no longer because of Gong Yilin introduced him to the’son of a dog ‘and angry, but is deeply looked at Gong Yilin, just he in the lake put on the image of a peerless master may be to create a false impression, let the white ink dare not act rashly. If so, this person’s mind is not just treacherous, but terrible, can endure to know how to advance and retreat, when the strength is not weak, play the role of a pig to eat a tiger, but when the cultivation is not good, he can pretend to be a peerless master. Think of the refined scholar said anomaly, Qinghe eyes twinkle, such a person, if not stir up some wind and rain, cause bloody storm it will feel strange, but Gong Yilin is not a bloodthirsty demon, if really want to cause chaos in the world must also have a source. So what if the world is in chaos? If it doesn’t affect Tianyuan, it has nothing to do with him. If said cool thin, I’m afraid Qinghe to be even colder than Gong Yilin. When Shouyuan, the last head of Tianyuan, was about to be exhausted, he asked three questions and answered three Qinghe. As a monk and a man of the world, how should you deal with cholera in the world? The Qinghe replied, “Guard the mountain gate.” “What if the sect is overthrown and the mountain gate is broken?” Qinghe: “Perish together.” “People in distress are everywhere, and a blade of grass is hard to grow. As long as you live on this land, you will not be spared. It is better to participate in it at the beginning.” Qinghe: “I have wings, the flames of war on the ground, there is no place to live, can soar.” In other words: the ground is not good to live, I will fly to the sky, the big deal is to fly him for tens of thousands of years, tired perch cloud head, and so on the war is over and then go to the ground again. In this way, it is no wonder that the last Tianyuan Headmaster once said half jokingly when he was alive: “Qinghe is strong enough to be a good headmaster, but it is absolutely impossible to be a savior.” Thanks to Gong Yilin’s temper, if ordinary people, when the refined scholar left divine consciousness that he might be a person who brought disaster to the real world, they would not hesitate to suppress it. Seeing that the baby’s mood had been calmed down,plastic packing tube, Gong Yilin breathed a sigh of relief and looked at a place not far away, where the voice of a quarrel came faintly. White ink also heard, to the side of the close protection of the master: “Go and see.” 。

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