When the short, fat old man Zheng saw Yingwei’s Lou Ri, he smiled and said, “Well, well, Lou Ri, a few days ago you said you were ill and pushed this old man away. I hope this time I won’t be disappointed again!” Lou Ri kept a smile on his face, but clasped his right hand behind his back to control the feeling of nausea and disgust. “Lou Ri’s illness caused him to miss the opportunity to serve Master Cheng. It’s a great pity for him. I hope this time Lou Ri can make up for his regret.” He turned to his side, polite but not at all obsequious, and said, “Master Zheng, please.” Just as Master Zheng swaggered into the room, the procuress clapped her hands and hit each other several times, and then several boys carried the wine and food into the wing of Louri. “Master Cheng, please take your time.” At the end of the conversation, the procuress closes the door for Lou Ri and greets the other whoremongers with a named boy. “Master Cheng’s face is radiant, which shows that there must be a lot of happy events in recent days.” Lou Ri walked to the table full of wine and dishes and sat beside Master Zheng, pouring wine for him. “Oh, it’s pretty good. I’ve done a lot of business.” At the same time, a fat and wrinkled hand has reached down to the floor of the day, carefully rubbing the side of the thigh of the floor. The face of the building does not change,car radiator cap, but the knot in the heart is even bigger. “Master Cheng is a talented businessman, and it is only natural that he should be able to achieve this success.” As he held his wine cup to Master Zheng’s dry lips, he flattered, “If there is a chance to leave Huayanlou and build another business, I will certainly find Master Zheng to cooperate.” Intentionally or unintentionally, he mentioned business cooperation, and since he was already a male prostitute, he would use his body to *** for his future inheritance. “Oh,non standard fasteners, so this uncle is really looking forward to the arrival of that day, when we not only have a business partnership, even the body …” They all have a cooperative relationship. The pig-like hand moves up on the side of Lou Ri’s thigh, and it is still a soft symbol of masculinity. Lou Rideng trembled all over, and the feeling of nausea was even worse. He took a deep breath and imagined the ugly old man in front of him as a beautiful person in his heart, showing an affectionate smile. “So impatient?” He said calmly, but he was already eager to step down and squeeze Master Cheng’s hand. Master Zheng’s eyes were full of light and he swallowed saliva. Looking at Lou Ri’s eyes, he turned into a cold and passionate look at him. “Uncle Ben came here just to enjoy you.” Smiling, Lou Ri took off his clothes one by one, revealing his naked and masculine golden body, and then undressed for Master Zheng. In his eyes, it was stripping for the person he loved. While Master Zheng was enjoying the service of Lou Ri, he couldn’t wait to reach out and scurry into the gap between the two buttocks. Not long after, the sound of the man’s groans of lust and the heavy and obscene gasps came from the wing. ※ ※ ※ At that time, the Huayanlou was crowded with people, Stainless steel foundry ,CNC machining parts, and there was no place in the building where there was not the sound of men flirting with each other and the coquettish voices of the waiters flattering each other. The lively atmosphere, however, suddenly quieted down with the arrival of a cold man, leaving only the obscene eyes of the building rolling around on the body of the cold man. The cold man frowned and glanced coldly at the people who were staring at him with bad intentions. After that, the whoremaster in the building became lively again. It was not that he was no longer interested in the cold man, but that he could not be provoked from the cold eyes. “Oh, Mr. Leng, welcome.” When the procuress saw the cold and cheerless who had been put into the God of Wealth by him, she immediately welcomed him respectfully. When the procuress saw Aner, who was following Leng, he was stunned. “Mr. Leng, women can’t..” A silver note was thrown in the face of the procuress, who picked it up and saw that it was a thousand taels. He immediately smiled obsequiously and said, “Of course, the maid of Mr. Leng is an exception.” The cold and desolate still did not say a word, but a pair of cold eyes passed over the contempt. He ignored the procuress and took Ann up to the second floor as if no one was watching. Startled, the procuress hurriedly stood in front of him. “I don’t know which waiter Mr. Leng wants to serve you this time. Otherwise, what about our little green? Our little green in Huayanlou..” Leng Qing waved his hand impatiently and waved away the unfinished words of the procuress. “You should know for whom I have come.” A cold sentence, in exchange for the face of the procuress embarrassed. Chapter 12 “Mr. Leng, why do you bother the little one?”.
The procuress frowned and said, “Even if Mr. Leng and Lou Ri are old friends, there are rules in Huayanlou, and Lou Ri is serving Master Zheng, so it’s really not convenient for Mr. Leng to go in.” “Master Zheng?” He was stunned and asked, “Could it be Master Zheng, a wealthy merchant from Yangzhou?” “This is the man.” Hearing the answer of the procuress, the cold and desolate heart cooled half. He once dined with Master Zheng, who was fat, short, ugly, and old. Although he knew that male prostitutes did not have the right to choose their clients, they could gallop under the pressure of such people, and their lives were worse than death. “In that case, I should go up all the more.” With a wave of his hand, Ann, who was behind him, immediately stopped the procuress who had stopped her and let her continue to walk up. When he opened the door, he fully realized the different feelings of “hearing” and “seeing.”. He knew that Lou Ri was a male prostitute, and how could he not know what a male prostitute was going to do? But that was different. He did not see with his own eyes that the person he had never been able to forget was possessed by others. Even when they met again, he saw a strange man come out of Lou Ri’s room and saw Lou Ri’s laziness after having sex with that man, but he did not see the process. He could still deceive himself. Pretend that Lou Ri is just a busker but not a prostitute. At this point, however, his heart was aching and bleeding bit by bit. He saw the naked Lou Ri straddling Master Zheng’s legs with his back to him, clinging to Master Zheng’s fat and short neck, and his body rising and falling; he saw Master Zheng’s row of gold teeth gnawing one of Lou Ri’s red pistils; he saw the fat hands touching the strong and handsome body; he saw that the delicate and pliable hole was pierced by the ugly male roots outside him.. The murmur of Lou Ri, which was not charming but could make people unconsciously intoxicated, filled the wing,metal stamping parts, accompanied by the sound of the murmur, which struck his eardrums, and his heart was almost shattered into thousands of pieces. Why do you let me see your ugly side again and again.

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