“Stay in bed.” Song Jin turned her head sideways and stared at Zhao Xiao. Zhao Xiao put his hand on the fence of the iron bed. “Then tell me what you are going out to buy at night.” Song Jin gritted her teeth: “Balloon!” Zhao Xiao: “..” —— Song Jin came back from the outside in more than ten minutes. He didn’t carry anything in his hand. Zhao Xiao lay on the head of the bed and looked at Song Jin with his chin in his hands. He didn’t forget to squeeze Song Jin and said, “Do you want to have a party when you buy balloons at night?” Song Jin put one hand into the pocket, did not pay attention to Zhao Xiao, turned to take a bath. Song Jin took a bath and climbed into bed. Because of the upper bunk, when Song Jin came up, the bed made a slight sound of wood friction. Zhao Xiao lifted the quilt and urged Song Jin: “Your Majesty, come in quickly, or the bed will be cold.” Song Jin lay on her side, and when she met Zhao Xiao in the quilt, she put her hand warmer on her stomach and put her hand on it. Zhao Xiao looked at Song Jin with a smile. “Is it warm?” Song Jin’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and Zhao Xiao’s smile was reflected in the black pupil. Then she stretched out a hand from the quilt and touched Zhao Xiao’s face. She asked in a hoarse voice, “Xiao’er, is it all right?” The whole room was quiet, so quiet that you could hear each other’s breathing, which was getting hotter and hotter, and it was hot on each other’s faces. Zhao Xiao looked at Song Jin and nodded. Then Song Jin, half holding her body, held Zhao Xiao’s head and half held Zhao Xiao’s lower lip. Zhao Xiao today because he forgot to put on lipstick, his lips were dry with a slight white skin, so Zhao Xiao just started to cross with Song Jin’s mouth when there was a little friction, but it was this friction that could really pick up the desire, dry wood and fire,Self-closing Faucet, the whole bed was getting hotter and hotter. Song Jin repeatedly sucked Zhao Xiao’s dry lips, wet lips in the light looked particularly shiny. Zhao Xiao hung his hand on Song Jin’s neck and called softly, “Your Majesty..” Song Jin kissed Zhao Xiao’s lips again, all the way down, when he came to Zhao Xiao’s neck, he nibbled carefully, and his right hand had slowly reached Zhao Xiao’s chest, and when he touched the protective cover of his corset,Manual Flush Valve, he casually frowned. Song Jin kissed Zhao Xiao’s corset and did not untie it for a long time. Zhao Xiao reminded him in a low voice, “Your Majesty, the chest is buckled in the back.” Song Jin left hand Zhao Xiao’s waist slightly lifted, right hand to untie Zhao Xiao’s corset button, spent half a minute, corset button untied, and then Song Jin put his hands on Zhao Xiao’s chest gently kneaded up. Because of the cold outside, Zhao Xiao’s hand was transferred from Song Jin’s neck to his waist again, and he touched it up and down. Song Jin’s face was still buried in Zhao Xiao’s neck. Her right hand kept kneading. Instead, her lips went up and kissed Zhao Xiao’s earlobe. After nibbling it carefully, she said softly, “Xiao’er, is your B really above average?” The author has something to say: I know it’s unkind to be stuck here. Beat me to your heart’s content ~ ~ The H of these two is so hard to write ~ Run away with your head in your hands. In addition, the emperor has mastered a new knowledge, ABCDEFG. Ripple in progress “Is China’s B really above average?” In fact, Concealed Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, Zhao Xiao had no other feeling after listening to this sentence, because he felt that Song Jin questioned the overall development level of women in China. As a result, the next second Song Jin said, “Or is your B different from other people’s B?” This sentence is not the same, with a serious personality insult, not only questioned her level but also questioned her integrity, Zhao Xiaoli Ma Xing eyes wide open, glaring at Song Jin: “I don’t want to do it.” Song Jin lowered her eyebrows and looked at Zhao Xiao, chuckled, and then gently sucked a mouthful of Zhao Xiao’s red lips. Her eyes were like stars. She raised her head and touched the tip of Zhao Xiao’s nose with her lips: “Wrong, I’m wrong..” I’m not wrong. At this time, Song Jin felt like a young boy, who would be venomous in front of the girl he liked, would be uneasy because of the anger of his beloved girl, and would beg for mercy because of unprincipled jokes. With a snort, Zhao Xiao put his hand into Song Jin’s pajamas and said, “In the future, the emperor is not allowed to talk about my concubines like this.”.
” Zhao Xiao’s voice is soft, soft, like silky satin, Song Jin heard the bones on the heart are crisp down one side, and a burst of floor touch, hands from top to bottom to Zhao Xiao’s waist, ten fingers flick, fell on the smooth and delicate skin, aroused a little crimson. A little itchy, a little crisp, a little looking forward to, but also a little afraid and nervous, Zhao Xiao looked at Song Jin with his eyes wide open, his eyes looked particularly bright because of the moist water. Song Jin emotionally lifted Zhao Xiao’s waist, and then took off the wide underwear she was wearing. The temperature in the room was not cold, but it could also make the skin outside suddenly covered with tiny goose bumps. Zhao Xiao slipped a little into the quilt. Song Jin kissed Zhao Xiao’s collarbone. “Is it very cold?” Zhao Xiao hung on Song Jin: “Your Majesty…” Song Jin rustled in the quilt to take off his pants, and then pulled out the pants from the quilt and put them on the head of the bed. At that moment, a small box fell out of his pants pocket. Zhao Xiao turned his head sideways and did not look at himself. His head was pulled over and kissed by Song Jin. After kissing for a long time, Song Jin quickly took off his coat and stuck his chest on the tip of Zhao Xiao’s breast. He rubbed it up and down, provoking Zhao Xiao to bend his calf. Song Jin bent down, holding a bright red, first licked a few circles around the middle with the tip of her tongue, and then began to keep sucking, chirping, leaving a wet water mark, shining. The plum pistils are bright red, the dew flowers are cool and the grapes are charming. Song Jin left Zhao Xiao’s lips, then pulled the quilt up, hiding himself and Zhao Xiao in the whole quilt. The line of sight in the quilt suddenly darkened, so the action was even bolder. Zhao Xiao’s little hand also touched a piece of meat on Song Jin’s chest, pinched it,stainless steel squatting pan, and then asked, “Does it hurt?” Song Jin leaned close to Zhao Xiao’s ear and said, “Xiao’er can be heavier. I can stand it.” 。

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